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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Akbar Tomb - Sikandra, Agra

Akbar Tomb is the famous monuments situated in Sikandra, short distance from Agra city, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is also known by different name “Mausoleum of Akbar”, “Akbar ka Makbara” etc. Mughal emperor Akbar started the construction of the monument but he could not complete the construction thereafter his son Jahangir completed the actual monument.

Jahangir pulled down most of the earlier structure and redesigned it according to his wishes and the result is more than impressive. The entrance of Akbar tomb is similar to Buland Darwaza which is in Fatehpur Sikri. As visitors enter the Akbar Tomb, Visitors will see a garden named Charbagh (Four Gardens). The Akbar tomb is situated at the center of the garden. In this complex another monument is also situated which contains the grave of Akbar’s wife Mariam, the mother of Jahangir. Akbar’s tomb is built in pyramidal shape. It is a fine example of assimilation of different styles of architecture and it shows the earlier Mughal buildings.

Photo Gallery
Akbar Tomb, Sikandra, Agra

Akbar Tomb Wallpaper

Akbar Tomb Photo

Akbar Tomb image

View of Akbar Tomb enterance

Visitors at Akbar Tomb

The Tomb of Great emperor Akbar

Sikandra Gateway to Akbar Tomb

Monkeys at Akbar tomb premises

Garden at Akbar Tomb

Akbars Tomb Picture


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