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Monday, May 7, 2012

Anandpur Sahib - The holy City of Bliss

Anandpur Sahib is situated in Rupnagar district in the state of Punjab, India also known as "the holy City of Bliss”. It is a holy place of the Sikhs and is one of their most important sacred places, closely linked with their religious traditions and history.
Anandpur Sahib, this place has a number of historical Gurudwaras with a backdrop of Naina devil hill. On the day following the festival of Holi, devotees flock to Anandpur Sahib to participate in the Hola Mohalla celebrations, which re-enacts sikh battles long ago with ancient arms and weapons. The tradition of Hola mohalla dates back to the times of the 10th Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, who decided that the occasion of the festival of Holi, be the occasion for the display of the martial spirit of his people and he gave this festival a more masculine name of Hola Mohalla.

Place of historical importance at Anandpur sahib:-
Gurudwara Guru-ka- Mahal ( Bhora Sahib) : This Gurudwara was the residence of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur, inherited by Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. The holy son of the 10th Guru was born here. There is an underground room cut off from the din of life, where the ninth Guru used to meditate.

Gurudwara Thara Sahib : The ninth Guru used to deliver sermons from this raised platform. There is a spot marked where the Kashmiri Brahmins came to seek protection from the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. They were forcibly being asked to adopt Islam as their Religion.

Gurudwara Damdama Sahib : The tenth Guru of the Sikhs was given the Guru Gaddi here, on 17th Dec. 1675. it was from here, he had declared the end of the institution of the priestly agents of the former Gurus.

How to reach Anandpur Sahib:- Anandpur Sahib is well connected by rail and road ways.

By Air: Anandpur Sahib has no Airport, the closest airport to the town is Chandigarh International Airport. Chandigarh Airport is situated at a distance of 92 kms, (approx of 2 hours) north to Anandpur Sahib town. It has flights from the major cities like Delhi, Jammu, Jaipur and Mumbai. Taxis and local buses are available to reach the city from airport and vice-versa.

By Rail: Anandpur Sahib has Railway Station, situated about one kilometer from the centre of the town. It is located on state highway 22, falls under northern railways and is connected by broad gauge railway lines. Anandpur railway lines are well linked to the cities like Nangal, Kartarpur Sahib, Rupnagar, Minapur, Fatehgarh Sahib, Ambala etc.

By Road: Anandpur Sahib is located on State Highway 22 and is well connected to all the major cities of Punjab and north India through roadways. Rupnagar is situated about 40kms, Garhshankar is about 42 kms, Hoshiarpur is about 83 kms, Chandigarh is about 82kms and Shimla is about 146 kms from the city.

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Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib

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