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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Safdarjang’s Tomb (1753-54)

Safdarjung's Tomb is a beautiful mausoleum, situated at Lodi road, in the city of Delhi, India. The tomb was built in 1753-54 by Shuja-ud-Daula, in the style of late Mughal architecture. Shuja-ud-Daula was the son of Safdarjung. Safdarjang was the viceroy of Awadh under Mohammed Shah. Later he became his prime minister too. Safdarjung's tomb represents the last phase of the Mughal style of architecture.

Description of the Tomb :-
The Tomb is built with red sandstone and buff stone. It spreads over an area of 300 sq m. The garden of Safdarjung's tomb is laid down on the pattern of the Mughal Charbagh style. The Safdarjung tomb was erected roughly on the pattern of Humayun's tomb. There are two graves here, Safdarjung and the other apparently his wife's. There are polygonal towers at the corners of the mausoleum. Kiosks cover these. In the center of the underground chamber lie the graves of Safdarjang and his wife. The ceilings of the whole tomb are decorated with painted plasterwork. The marble and sandstone used in the construction have been removed from the mausoleum of Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khana. Just at the frontage of the Safdarjung's Tomb, there is a beautiful Mughal garden which is properly maintained. It is also known as “Charbag” The garden is spread over an area of 300 square meters. It is divided into four squares by wide pathways and tanks. It is further divided into smaller squares. It resembles the Mughal style of garden or Charbagh.

Visitor’s information :-
You can visit this monument by paying a minimum entry fee. It remains open for all days from sunrise to sunset. If you want to take photos then you have to pay additional fee for that. You can reach here by taking local buses and auto rickshaw from any parts of the city. The Nizamuddin Railway is the nearest railway station to this tomb and Indira Gandhi International Airport is the closest airport.

Safdarjang’s Tomb wallpaper

Safdarjang’s Tomb Pictures

Safdarjang’s Tomb Photo

Safdarjang’s Tomb Paintings

Safdarjang’s Tomb Images

Safdarjang’s Photo

Safdarjang’s Grave

Reflection in water of Safdarjang’s Tomb

Safdarjang’s Tomb

A beautiful images of Safdarjang’s Tomb


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