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Friday, February 20, 2009

Fatehpur Sikri - Agra

Fatehpur Sikri is situated about 37 km away from Agra city, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is built by Mugal emperor Akbar between 1571 and 1585. Actually it was planed for political capital of Mughal emperors but due to shortage of water this capital was shifted to Lahore. Now-a-days the population of this city is about 35000.

Fatehpur Sikri is one of the finest examples of Mughal dynasty. It is a very good place where visitors can visit and spend some time. Fatehpur Sikri Mosque is said to be a copy of the mosque in Mecca and its basic designs were derived from the Persian and Hindu architecture.

Other Attraction at Fatehpur Sikri

1) Diwan-i-Aam : Diwan-i-Aam is a Hall of Public Audience. The journey of fatehpur sikri begins with this attractive place. In every monuments of Mughal dynasty, People found this type of diwan-i-Aam where Ruler meets the general public. This hall was also used for celebration and public prayers.

2) Diwan-Khana-i-Khaas: Diwan-Khana-i-Khaas is a hall of Private Audience. On entering it, one finds only a single vaulted chamber.

3) The Treasury: It is situated to the left side of the Diwan-i-Khaas. It is believed that the treasury has been used for playing the game.

4) Daulat Khana-i-Khaas : It is situated in the corner to the left of the emperor’s private chamber. It has two rooms. One room was used for Akbar’s library and other was used for resting purpose.

5) Buland Darwaza : The "Gate of Victory" was built to honour of the Mogul emperor Akbar. It is still a grand entrance that leads to the now deserted town of Fatepur Sikri.

Palace of Jodha Bai
7) Hawa Mahal and Nagina Masjid
8) Birla’s Palace
9) Sunehra Makam
10) Panch Mahal
11) Dargah of Sheikh Salim Chisti
12) Tha Jami Masjid
13) Turkish Sultana’s House

Photo Gallery
Fatehpur Sikri Image
Fatehpur Sikri Photo

Fatehpur Sikri wallpaper

Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, India

Jama masjid at Fatehpur Sikri

Panch Mahal in Fatehpur Sikri

Visitors at Fatehpur Sikri

Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur Sikri

Diwan-i-Aam Fatehpur Sikri

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