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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Siddhivinayak Temple - Mumbai

Siddhivinayak temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Two hundred years old historic Siddhivinayak temple is the solace for thousands of devotees visiting this place daily. It is situated at Prabhadevi, Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra. This temple was first consecrated on Thursday 19th November 1801. Lord Ganesha the presiding deity is carved in black stone. Surprisingly the trunk of Lord Ganesha is turned rightwards as against the normal leftwards direction. This Vinayak temple in Mumbai is one of the oldest temples of the Mumbai city. On Tuesdays, the serpentine queue of worshippers is almost over 2 Km long. There are a lot of pujas or prayers performed in the temple. It is believed that the lord is here to remove obstacles in every one’s way. Sankata chathurthi and Ganesh Chathurthi are celebrates with a lot of clamour here. Near about 1.5 to 2 lakhs people visit this temple every Tuesday.

The God Ganesha
The idol of Ganpati has four arms. Therefore, He is also known as Chaturbhuj. A lotus is held in the upper right hand and a small axe in the upper left, holy beads are held in the lower right and a bowl full of Modaks in the lower left. Neighboring the deity on both sides are Riddhi and siddhi, goddesses signifying sanctity, fulfillment, prosperity and wealth. On the forehead of the deity, there is an eye, which resembles the third eye of lord shiva. The other name of God ganesha is Ganpati, Gajanana, Vinayak, Lambodar, Omkara, etc.

The Temple
The temple was first consecration on Thursday, 19 November 1801. It was originally built by Mr. Laxman Vithu and Mrs. Deubai Patil. The idol made of black stone was placed in a small structure. The existing temple was rebuilt on the site of a 200 years old temple. The narrow lane outside temple is the “Phool galli” lined with countless stalls selling tulsi flower garlands, coconuts, a collection of sweet of lord Ganesha, the modak and a range of religious belongings. Here, beggar men, women and children alike, abound. The historic temple has been fully renovated with a view to providing solace to thousands of devotees visiting daily. After renovation, it has a very pleasing atmosphere.
On the second floor of the temple you can see the office of the supervisor and his assistant along with a monitor room housing a complete close-circuit video unit, a rest room for the priests of the temple and a kitchen where the Maha-naivedya (food) is prepared.
There are the houses for VIP person of the temple and important offices on the third floor. Houses includes the chamber of Chairperson, the trustee’s chamber, office of the executive officer, office of the officer who is on special duty and the administrative offices of the temple trust. Conference room and the information technology section also there.
Visitor of temple can visit the library of the trust which is situated on the fourth floor. Library has a collection of over 9000 books, on the various subjects. Here, Reading room and study room also available for student. Solar energy producing cells have also been installed on the temple to Vighnaharta electricity.The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the 'Lord of Beginnings' as per the Hindu Mythology.

Siddhivinayak Temple

Siddhivinayak temple photo

Siddhivinayak temple image

Siddhivinayak temple - mumbai

Siddhivinayak Ganesha

Indian actress shilpa shetty praying at siddhivinayak temple

Devotee of god ganesha worshiping at siddivinayak temple

Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt praying at siddhivinayak temple


Alok said...

wen u go to siddhivinayak temple, u can always hear one song..and that is :-

Om gum ganapateya namo namah, sri Siddhivinayak namo namah,
ashtavinayak namo namah..............................

can u ppl give me the code for this tune....i want to set this tune as a caller tune........

shree sidhivinayak

Anonymous said...

i dont have words to say when ever i go to temple i feel happy and peace to my mind and heart i think these is magic frm god siddivinak

Hai Baji said...
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Nithi bha said...
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