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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Golden Temple

The Golden temple is situated at Amritsar, in the state of Punjab, India. The Golden temple is also known as “Sri Harmandir Sahib” or “Sri Darbar Sahib”. It is most sacred temple for Sikhs in all over India. It is a symbol of the magnificence and strength of the Sikh people.

The Golden Temple
is stands on 67 ft. square platform in the center of Sarovar (Tank). Actually the temple covers only 41 ft. square. From all over the world, The Sikhs came to Amritsar to pay obeisance at Shri Harmandir sahib in their prayer. Guru Arjan Sahib got its Foundation laid by a Muslim saint Hazrat ali Mian Mir of Lahore. The Main personality of the construction was Guru Arjan Sahib and he was assisted by the prominent Sikh personalities like Bhai Sahlo ji, Baba Budha ji, Bhai Gurudas Ji, and so many other devoted Sikhs.

The Golden Temple has four side open gate. Guru Sahib made it accessible to every person without any distinction of Caste, creed, sex, and religion. There are some important places around the Golden Temple.Visitors can also visit these places.

Akal Takhat : It rightly faces the Golden Temple. It was built by the Sixth Guru Hargobind in 1609 AD. It was the court of Sikhs community & used for holding court and sikh congregation in the days of it’s builder. We can see the weapon used by the Guru Gobind singh, Guru Hargobind, & other other brave sikh are preserved at here.

Baba Atal : A nine- stroreyed tower was built in memory of Atal Rai who was the son of Guru Hargobind but called “Baba Atal”. The tower was built in between 1778 AD and 1784 AD. It is only one Tower of its kind in the Amritsar with 108 ft. height.

Guru ka Langar :
It is the kitchen of Golden Temple. Temple funds are used for meals of visitors. Everyday near about 42000 people share the Meals.

Shri Guru Ram Das Niwas : Unlike the ordinary “Dharamsala”, here also a hostel for visitors named Shri Gurudas Niwas”. There are near about 228 rooms & 18 big halls. The Gurdwara committee built it. All the maintenance of this niwas is handled by Gurdwara Committee. The committee also supplied beddings, Cots, fans, lights, bathroom etc. facility to visitors of Golden Temple. Visitors are not allowed to stay here more than three days. The doors of the hostel are open to all people.

There are also some important places around the Golden Temple. Following are the some of them.
1) The SGPC Offices
2) Dukh Bhanjni ber ( Jujube tree )
3) Ber Baba Buddha ji.
4) Tharha Sahib
5) Gurdwara llanchi Ber.
6) Gurdwara Shaheed Bunga Baba Deep Singh.
7) Athsath Tirath ( Sixty eight holy places condensed into one)

Photo Gellary

Golden Temple Photo

Visitors at Golden Temple

Indian Actress Neha Dhupia at Golden Temple

Child praying at Golden Temple

Guru Gobind Singh

Golden temple Vedio


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